Friday, November 04, 2005

So I know I've got brains, and brawn (sometimes) but I really get saddened by girls in sororities.

I don't even want to be like them but I still get so depressed when I see that they have a bond with other girls. Whether or not it's as tight as a bond as I think it is, someone always stops to talk to them if they're in the same sorority.

I'm super jealous. They're all really freaking pretty, dress well and they're just supercute in general.

I wonder if its really media that are telling me to be like these girls, or if I pressure myself to be like them in order to be accepted by society. Surely there are a great number of forces at work here. However, I do wonder what causes me one day to be like "Those girls are stupid!" and then the next day say "God, I'm so jealous!" PMS?

And now, you think I'm stupid.

I'm just thankful for the pals I have. Without the few of them, I think I'd go nutso.


Noma said...

Make your own. It'll have more interesting members than theirs do. Or isn't that what we do with friends?

conchita said...

I used to think the same thing, but then I got to know some of those girls once we graduated college. They are much more lonely than I could ever consider being.


Anonymous said...

I think you and I have discussed this at one point, and I completely agree with you. What's really fun is when people ask, "why aren't YOU in a sorority???"

I read _Pledged: The Secret Life of Sororities_ by Alexandra Robbins (she's a magazine columnist, and the book reads like it) but it has interesting insights. You can borrow it when you start thinking like this again..

Kacie L.