Sunday, November 13, 2005


I ask that you please please read and take note of the ridiculous experience I had at Yeero Yeero with Chris, Alysia, Allison, Ashley and Leo the other evening. The following letter will be sent to their place of business and the Better Business Bureau tomorrow. If you really want Greek food, try Athenian Delights instead.

This letter will be sent tomorrow, and I will cease eating there permanently. There's nothing wrong with Athenian Delights, and there's better atomsphere there anyway.

To the Owners and Management of Yeero! Yeero!:

I have long enjoyed the food at Yeero! Yeero! since moving to Shreveport three years ago. I have often had friends complain about the service provided at your establishment; however, I never experienced it first hand. Unfortunately, due to a series of events on November 11, 2005, I will no longer be dining at your facilities due to one of the most unpleasant dining experiences I have ever had.

Upon arrival with my party, we were left to sit for approximately seven minutes before anyone greeted us. After our drink orders were taken, we were not given menus, and had to borrow menus from other patrons until menus were brought to us. Even then, there were still not enough for everyone at the table. After our food arrived, we received no attention from waitstaff, and were often ignored or merely not heard when requests for more pita bread or drink refills were made. When my glass of water was filled, the waiter spilled a large amount of water on my arm, and did not acknowledge his mistake. At the end of our meal, we asked for the check to be split among our party, an action performed many times by the waitstaff at your restaurant in my many previous visits to your establishment. The waiter, however, refused to do so for our table. Our confusion and frustration only escalated when we realized we had been given the wrong bill. When a member of our party got up and brought it to our waiter's attention, he snapped it out of his hand without a word or even an apology for this inconvience. Additionally, when he returned with the correct bill, we did not receive an apology or even any word from our waiter other than slamming the bill on the table. Due to this and the poor treatment we received during our dinner, we decided to not leave a tip for the waiter.

Let me note that a tip is defined as gratuity for a service performed voluntarily or outside of obligation. At no time during our meal did we feel that the service given to us as paying customers was deserving of a tip. Rather, we were treated quite rudely and as is a tradition in our society we did not tip as a result of these actions.

Rather than taking notice of our lack of tip and adjusting his treatment of customers, our waiter ran out to our car to berate us about our lack of tip. When approached about an explanation we were waved off to leave, despite our willingness to explain the lack of tip and discuss the appropriate treatment of customers. This sort of harrassment will be made known to our friends who are regular patrons to your business.

Thank you for making time to read this letter, and I would appreciate if your business were to take customer satisfaction to be its highest priority in the future. If you have any questions about this letter or would like more information about our dining experience at Yeero! Yeero!, please feel free to contact me. I would be more than happy to speak to you in further detail.

Sara Hebert

Please give your business to another place in Shreveport that appreciates its customers. Viet-Coast, India's, China Hot, Southfield Grill, Tacomania, Ichiban, and other places in town have top notch service, and great food to boot.


Noma said...

Excellent letter. I'm glad you're a hot head that follows through. We are boycotting Circle K and Domino's (which we'd slipped and used, knowing better) for over-charging and false advertisement. Honestly, the only way you can hope to effect them is to NOT give them your money. They don't care about anything else. Thanks for sharing the info. There's strength in numbers.

sammy said...

at least you didn't find a roach in your food...of course, i usually get over roaches in my food anyways.

helen erpud said...

WOW! I won't go back there! I've had less than pleasant service, but I thought the server was just not very personable... nothing to the degree you guys experienced... I can't believe he ran out to the car!! I'm so sorry, and I too will spread the word...

shannon said...

wow. that's pretty effed up sara. I hope the letter gets this guy in trouble.

Đại Phu 陳張祿 said...

Hello, I read your post on Helen Erpud's page. Wow, I am not from Shreveport, but it doesn't matter when that kind of service is offered to its patrons. It is really BAD business, and BAD work ethics to be demanding tips by chasing after people to their car, especially when the service was nowheres near average or even respectful. Wow! Things goes around, and comes BACK around. I would have straight up asked for the manager right on the spot. The well written letter gives a strong point of aggravation and disapproval. Way to go, I support that.

Noma said...

You've not posted since this scathing letter was sent. I can only suspect that you've been offed by some secret underground Greek Waiter Mafia. I am sorry. You'll be missed.