Monday, November 07, 2005

I think I'm a horrible writer, but my newest revision of my senior thesis is ballering. Check it.

In other news, I'm addicted to Harvest Moon now. I proposed to Nami, the girl that I call sexy girlfriend or Indie Rock Girl. She said yes, and now I'm going to have a farming wife with pink hair. How awesome! I also have 3 cows, 5 chickens and a massive field. I am rolling in the gold. Also interesting is the lack of any real machinery outside of the scientist's house and all that is like boiling liquids in vats. Also interesting to point out is the fact that you can't play as a woman, you can't marry someone of the same sex, and you are limited to only 3 women to propose and marry. I couldn't swoon any of the other girls in town if I wanted to. Nor could I even stay single because the game pairs you off with a foxy lady in the winter! So I rushed into proposing to my sexy The most fantastic thing is the poor translation that has so many typos you'll have a "?" over your head for (virtual) days.

It makes me want to be a farmer, with a simpler, hard-working life.


helen erpud said...

if you're a farmer, you can have lots of cows!!!

shannon said...

wow, you got Nami to like you? How on earth did you do that??? did you give her a better skull artifact than mr jay did???? do tell!