Thursday, March 06, 2008

Shreveport's Chimp Haven on This American Life

Shreveport has a chimp rehabilitation center that opened while I was in college there. I hadn't ever heard what it was like for the chimps there and it is fascinating. I haven't visited either, but now I want to. Check it out on This American Life's third act "Almost Human Resources":

Reporter Charles Siebert talks with Ira about retirement homes for Chimpanzees. Yes, retirement homes for Chimpanzees. There are thousands of aging chimps in the US: retired chimp actors, ex-research subjects, abandoned pets. They can't be put back in the wild since they don't know how to survive there. Charles Siebert visited many of the facilities where they're housed, often in rooms, with TV's and 3 meals a day. He's writing a book about his experiences called Humanzee. (11 minutes)
And the section on NY's Rubber Room is fascinating too.

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