Monday, November 19, 2007

The Mountain Goats Screwed and Chopped

Chris and I just started working on a new project entitled "Screw Your Indie Cred Vol. 1" and its off the chain. We're screwing and chopping indie rock songs - really? How has this not been done before.

Here's a track I produced last night, a screwed and chopped remix of Mountain Goats' "Palmcorder Yanja": Palmcorder Screw (And if Mr. Darnielle or his lawyers stop by, I haven't made a dollar and I've given the Mountain Goats a shitload of money since I was 18. Just ask me to take it down, and I gladly will)

I picked this song for experimenting because it paints such a clear memory, something I see screwed and chopped music doing very very well. Also, I wanted to see if that bright guitar and John Darnielle's high pitched, nasally voice could sound eerie and ominous. I think it really brings out a great feeling to the original composition

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