Tuesday, October 02, 2007

The Posthuman DJ - in the 70's at TX/LA radio

Wow, I am floored by this amazing broadcast from The Black Pope:

"I'm a human radio station, I'm the transmitter, I'm the tower, I'm the turntables, I'm the building, I'm every doggone thing."

More jive DJ's here.


Jonny said...

you're the MAN dude! Dude like whoa like....we should get matching cyborg tatoos, no? i really want one, but damnit to hell if i can think up a design that sticks...

the MAN
(i wanna be a surfer blonde man, dude)

Chris said...

You notice Shreveport's Ray Bartlett (RIP) in the DJ jive story? It's a good article. -Chris Brown

saratoga said...

Yeah, I was slightly surprised, but then not surprised. I actually didn't send this to you because I figured you knew already!

Chris said...

While Jackie and I were in Dallas last fall, we went over to Ray and Ann Bartlett's house for an interview. We only spoke with Ray briefly -- he had just come out of the hospital a few days before. However, he lit up when we played Webb Pierce's "Groovy Boogie Woogie Boy" song, which is about Ray's DJ persona.