Friday, September 14, 2007


I normally wouldn't post this sort of thing here, but I'm looking for some media help/suggestions on an issue very close to my heart. Last night, as Tropical Storm Humberto passed through my home parish, a tornado ripped through my sister's house destroying it and the majority of their belongings. Sadly, they didn't have homeowner's insurance for a variety of reasons, and also they had just completed some of the last steps to finishing their first home.

Pending the permission of my sister and her family, I'm going to be launching a website to do some fundraising to try to get them back on their feet and into their own home. I am really thankful that everyone made it out ok and just frazzled. Its times like these that really make me realize the insignificance of material objects and in general that there's very few concrete guarantees about life. I'm also really glad to see everyone in my family stepping up to help out and provide some temporary housing until they get on their feet.

Anyway, keep watching this space for more information about what fundraising efforts I can organize, and any updates about my family. In the meantime, if you're interested in lending a hand, please feel free to email me at hebert.sara at

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Unfortunately the video does not work on Mac's, which of course, is a pain the butt.

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