Saturday, December 10, 2005

I saw Shannon at the mall today, which reminded me of my lack of friendship mending with folks lately. I try not to get sucked into my own little world, but it happens and I'm working on it.

It is so cold here at Bruce Ave. that my hands have numbed and I can't feel my fingertips when typing. The phone is ringing, and I don't feel quite domestic enough to answer. I'm trying to cut down on the domesticities of the relationship I'm in so that I'll be more prepared when it comes time for graduate school. In general, I am trying to keep social interactions to a minimum so that I won't go insane staring at my computer all day getting that master's.

I am afraid that I will forget what my life has been like for four years here, which have been possibly a few of the most important for me developmentally (aside from when my father left my family at an early age, and my mother living in a homeless shelter). As much time as I spend living life, I spend less documenting it.

I have failed to save photographs of friends, document my feelings about other people, or reflect candidly and honestly about myself and others. This is perhaps a direct result of my blogging style and my awareness that everything on the Internet is archivable and searchable and easily accessed. I hide things from people who show up on my statistics counter, etc.

I'm sure my concerns about documentation originate somewhere from how fast paced a technological life can be, as it seems everyone from Pasados (see new faux old buildings, typical of Mexican restaurants) to my parents (who decorate their home in "Old Timey" things) is deeply concerned in creating history, or the sense of a history. Even Jeffersonian architecture was developed with the idea of looking older, like Grecian temples - which brings me to believe this is a typically American idea...



Noma said...

Did they quit letting real people attend graduate school?

You're way too hard on yourself. Have you forgotten that you're wonderful? I know lots of folks who think so.

shannon said...

sara, i really like you a lot. And not just because you mentioned my name in your post :-)

i wish i was less busy, because I would certainly like to spend a day with you. I'll be off work next Sunday and would really like to have breakfast/lunch with you. (sorry i couldn't do it this past weekend...i was so swamped with things to do). Let's get together Sunday around 11 am, whaddya say?

(ps....something big coming to my blog in a day or so....keep an eye on it)

Anonymous said...

Historicity, dude.

Read _Man in the High Castle_ by Philip K. Dick for more. I studied this for my science fiction final, and it's really kind of boggling.

Miss you :)

Kacie L